Get Grounded in February:
Fundamentals of Lightning Protection Systems  

Lightning protection systems have been in use in one fashion or another for over two hundred and fifty years, well before electricity was harnessed as a usable form of power.  In the past one hundred years, progressive scientific study has contributed to the body of knowledge concerning lightning and its behavior.  Engineering and construction standards for lightning protection have been published in the United States for over one hundred years.  During the past century, various governmental and private organizations keeping statistics on the performance of lightning protection systems have found that they are highly effective.  The Underwriter's Laboratories statistics showed that these systems prevented damage due to lightning approximately 99% of the time when installed in accordance with accepted engineering standards, this according to John Tobias, PhD, PE from CED Engineering.

What is the purpose of a lightning protection system? What are the different types of a lightning protection systems?  What about the different types of certifications?  Is New Mexico lightning strike prone? What should you look for in choosing a lightning protection contractor?

Join your fellow members and guests of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico at 7 am on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 at the Garduno's Uptown Restaurant to get this electrifying overview of protection for your facility.  Antonio Ortega with Baca Lightning will lead us through the essentials during a working breakfast.

Reservations are always necessary so rsvp online at where you can register and pay with your credit card, $30.00 for members, $35.00 for non-members.  Invite a guest!  FIRST TIME FACILITY MANAGERS ARE ALWAYS FREE but you must rsvp by Monday, February 18th, 2019 to be included.


The New Protocol:
How APS Protects Our Schools

A team of individuals representing the Albuquerque Public Schools security force addressed the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico in January and shared their experiences, information and resources with other facility managers and their guests, raising awareness of what to do in case of an active shooter or terrorist threat.  "Using the ALICE Protocol will save lives," said Steve Marez, lead trainer and member of APS Police Department.

"ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate," he said. "ALICE gives individuals the options to save their own lives.  It is proven to increase chances of surviving an active shooter or violent intruder. Get away from the bad guy.  Gather information and distribute it every possible way.  Empower people to make their own decisions.  Because it works, the Public Education Department has mandated this training for public schools in the state."     

Next up, Michael  O'Connor, technical lead.  "With 140+ schools, it is essential to have a central command center and monitoring station. We currently have 4,000 cameras but are upgrading to 7,000.  The cameras are integrated with the door contactors.  We can identify glass break, intrusion, or gun shot.   We retain the tapes for 30 days and can share them with the Albuquerque Police Department if needed.  Our systems can track subjects and drill down for better detail when necessary.  We can search by timeframe and can use the cameras to identify motion---who is coming and going. Our system is evolving to the state of the art," he said.

Chief of Police Steve Gallegos with the APS Police Department spoke next.  The Chief of Police oversees the 178 men and women of the Albuquerque Public Schools Police Department; which includes sworn police officers, administrative staff, Campus Service Aids, alarm technicians, communications dispatchers and educational assistants. The department is charged with providing a safe learning environment for the district's 90,000 students and a safe working environment for its 15,000 employees; twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, according to the APS website.

"Our focus is to make a single point of entry to each school," he said.  "Older schools are not built for modern problems.  We are working every day to raise awareness and provide ongoing training for our staff," he said.  "The old days of open campuses and locking doors, drawing down blinds, and hiding are gone."    


A Message from the FMANM President

I am tempted to write a paragraph about how the partial government shutdown was an utter pain in my … productivity, and that (as it went on) it became rather obvious that the underlying issue of power seemed to be more important than the $5B for border security … but that wouldn't be appropriate.  If you want to know more on that subject, you can buy me a beer sometime and we can discuss it. :)

What I need to do is let you know that the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico has some great topics, tours, and networking opportunities on-tap this year~!  Get better grounded about the essentials of Lightning Protection at our February 20th breakfast with Antonio Ortega from Baca Lightning Protection!  Don't miss when CNM comes to share with us what they are offering to train your facilities team in March!  We have some tech info and behind the scenes tours coming up that you will enjoy!

Have difficulty making a breakfast meeting?  Let's do lunch~!  Stay tuned for where…

Then of course there will be golf – back at Isleta Eagle, on Friday, 19 July: save the date~!  It doesn't matter if you are a 'hacker' (like me) or a 'scratch' golfer – it's a great day away from 'the grind' with ample opportunity for valuable side conversations and team-building.

2019 is looking up (now that the government is back in full operation).  Plan on expanding your areas of knowledge and professional contacts this year.  Stick with the Facility Manager Association and we will help you make it happen~!

For facilities in support of the mission,
Tom Plummer, P.E.
President FMANM

FMANM Spotlight on Our Members:
Welcome to Facility Manager Gina Moore

In her own words:

My name is Gina Moore and I am currently the Director of Project Management for Isleta Resort & Casino. My role is to assist the Pueblo of Isleta and Executive Team in building/land use/development, Cap-X projects, and Resort Enhancements. I am a single mother of two beautifully talented young ladies (Jazzy and Shayna) and my entire career has been centered on being the best role model, mother, mentor, friend, and example of hard work, dedication, humility, and compassion.

I am the daughter and granddaughter of a former Electrical Contractor and Electrical Inspectors in East St. Louis, IL.  I quickly followed their footsteps and can distinctly remember installing my first outlets and switches at the age of 10. From there I learned concrete forming, plumbing, framing, heating/cooling, roofing, and everything in between. Some of my past work experience includes Heavy Equipment Operator, Plant Engineer, and Bio-Technical/Pharmaceutical Industry Electrical Designer. I am a veteran of the US Army Reserves and possess two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electronics Engineering and Engineering Management.

Prior to Isleta resort, I was a 13 year resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. I worked for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Principal Business Consultant for QLI International. I have managed hospitality remodels, re-branding, remediation, sustainability, re-purpose, and refurbishment for various clients such as Starwood, Hilton, and Holiday Inn across the United States. I worked for MGM Resorts International primarily housed between two of the most iconic resorts in the world; Excalibur Hotel & Casino and Luxor Hotel and Casino. It was such an amazing experience working in both a castle and pyramid. Las Vegas has a magical effect when it comes to guest service, sensory overload, star studded culinary venues, nightlife, and accommodations for all walks of life. My dream is to build guest experiences, now I get to share my knowledge and love for hospitality enhancements with the Isleta Resort and Casino family.  

One of my most valued achievements was receiving 2015 Goodwill's, Corporate Donor of the Year on behalf of Excalibur Hotel and Casino for spear heading a donation of 250,000 lbs. of furniture, fixtures, and furnishings into the Las Vegas Community. I have served as a Board Director for the NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction and Board Secretary for the Nevada Professional Facility Managers Association (NPFMA) from 2012 through 2017, raising over $300k in charitable donations to various causes; veterans, childhood cancer, victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, and autism. In my spare time, I plan to expand my Philanthropy by creating programs that promote education, life skills, and trade knowledge in the ABQ community.

I can't be more honored to work with this new team as we have so many special things to accomplish together. I firmly believe Leaders Create Change and it is our responsibility to make sure that happens through team engagement, guest experience, mentoring, and development.



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