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Is Your Chilled Water System Optimized?

Join the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico on Wednesday morning, June 17th at 8:30 am for an important teleconference providing information on one of your facility's most critical operating systems.  Whether your chilled water system is an air-cooled system or water-cooled , maximization the equipment's efficiency has a huge impact on your tenant's comfort, your utility bills, and your peace of mind.

How do you decide between the two from the beginning?  At the heart of the chilled water system the efficiency of the machine is important, but the other parts of the system can have a large impact on  overall system efficiency. Variable pumping strategies, control valves and sequences, condenser water temperature, and even coil selection in air handling and terminal units are all important to maximizing the efficiency of your chilled water system. By intelligently optimizing different components of the system you can achieve peak efficiency for lower energy bills today and reduced emissions for a greener tomorrow.

Industry expert Frederick Earnest with Varitec Solutions will lead the discussion. Varitec is a local company with 40 years of experience in providing personalized and expert solutions by representing for a wide variety of manufacturers.   Join us to prepare your building to operate at maximum efficiency!   Call-in information for this online Zoom Conference will be distributed closer to the meeting date.

This FMANM program is graciously sponsored by The DVL Group, mission critical data center power and cooling experts.   


June Executive Director

I am so grateful that our organization leverages a golf tournament to raise money for our scholarships at UNM and CNM.  We have moved the date to Friday, October 2nd, just before the beginning of the frenetic, energetic Balloon Fiesta Week.  Looking down the road, I envision a picture-perfect weekend with folks ready to get out and golf and reconnect in the way we were, back in the good old days.  We are fine-tuning the details and online registration will be active in July.  Please put us on your calendar and into your budget!

Meanwhile everyone on my Board of Directors is optimistic but cautious about the future.  No one saw any of this coming but somehow, we will all pull through it together.  Every coin has two sides; the lessons we will have learned from the current extreme circumstances will make us even stronger in the future.

Please remember to support the other members of this great group of accomplished business people as you continue on your path.  Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help YOU.  See you at Isleta!  Let it be!



Preparing Your 'Return to Workplace' Plan:
May 13th

Topics that we are seeing clients across the country trying to address while preparing their facilities for re-opening. This meeting is open to both MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS; share the link with everyone.

Allied Universal interfaces with thousands of clients every day. And many are currently trying to answer some of the same questions you are – what steps should I be taking ahead of my workforce returning to the office?

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June 2020---Video Conference, “How to get the most energy efficiency from your boiler plant.” The June meeting sponsor is the DVL Group.

July Golf  Tournament Has Been Re-Scheduled for October 2nd at ISLETA EAGLE GOLF Course

August 19, 2020—Topic, time and location TBD

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October 2, 2020 - Friday, 10th Annual Golf Tournament and Scholarship Fund raiser at Isleta Eagle Championship Golf Course

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December 16, 2020—Holiday Mixer, TBD



There are several positions open in facility management at the Cottonwood Mall.

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Phigenics presented a national webinar Recommissioning Dormant Water Systems (RDWS) sponsored by APPA

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