Isotopes park

Tickets are Almost Gone:
Reserve Your Baseball Tickets TODAY


Time is running out to save a seat for the Isotopes ballgame on Wednesday night, June 22nd, 2011.  Your friends from the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico will enjoy an evening of baseball at “The Lab” as the Albuquerque Isotopes baseball team takes the field against the Oklahoma City Red Hawks.
Due to strict restrictions imposed by the Isotopes’ reservations system, limited seating on a private patio is available.  Without a timely RSVP for the exact number of people in your group, late reservations and unregistered guests cannot be seated.
Your $35.00 admission fee for members ($40.00 for non-members) includes tickets to the game and a delicious ballpark buffet.  Club seats and the open cash bar set the mood for the 7:11 pm first pitch but plan to arrive early, 5 pm or so, and enjoy the food, friends, and ambiance.  Report to the 3rd baseline “private box” admission area to join us.
This is always a sell-out and replaces the monthly educational membership meeting!                 Save your space today by emailing carolee@fmanm (preferred) or by calling 505-377-5309   Deadline for reservations in MONDAY, JUNE 6th, 2011, at 5 pm.  Don’t strike out!

1st Annual
 Facility Manager Association of New Mexico
Golf Tournament





Golf Sponsors Great Out the Gate;

NOW We Need More Players!


Early results for the First Annual Facility Manager Association of New Mexico Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Tournament, scheduled for July 29th at the beautiful Isleta Eagle Championship Golf Course at Hard Rock, indicate a strong sponsorship base, but the quest for more golfers to enjoy the venue remains.  With easy online registration at, expectations are high to command the entire golf course (all three nines) for a fast and fun outing.

     Special thanks to Travers Mechanical Services, LLC for sponsoring the entire event at the Platinum Level ($1,500.00) and for fielding four entire teams of golfers.  Travers Mechanical Services, LLC has positioned itself as one of the core HVAC service suppliers and installers for a multitude of companies in New Mexico.  Their support of the event aids the FMANM organization in building scholarship money at Central New Mexico Community College for students entering into the much-needed building controls, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing and heating trades.  Money from the golf tournament supports this greater good and goal of the educational organization.

    Gold Level sponsors ($1,000.00) include Ace Asphalt and Western States Fire ProtectionMoving in at the Silver Level ($500.00) is All-American Moving Services and Records Storage.  Rounding out the team of heavy hitters is the tournament's Hole-In-One contest sponsor, Kone Elevators and Escalators.

Whole hole ($350.00) sponsors include Hannah Plumbing & Heating, Klinger Constructors LLC, Service Master Performance, Armour Pavement, Insight Construction, Sealant Specialists, ABM Janitorial Services.

Additionally, Voss Lightinghas volunteered 100 sleeves of golf ball to add to the fun and excitement of free door prizes and give-aways, but many more donations are always needed.   

     With the gold tournament registration deadline of June 24, 2011, time still remains to buy a hole and register teams of players.  Golfers cost $125.00 per player and the cost covers all greens fees including the buffet and awards, post- tournament.  Need more information?  Visit  or call Executive Director Carolee Griffin at 505-377-5309  


   Three levels of tournament sponsorship are available this year. 

  • The Platinum Level costs $1,500.00 and includes eight golfers plus company logo-end advertising and preferred recognition in all FMANM publications and on the web.
  •  The Gold Level is $1,000.00 and allows your company to field four golfers plus the privileged advertising benefits. 
  • Silver Level costs $500.00 and includes 2 golfers and logo-ed advertising. 

More than one company can sponsor at all levels. Email (preferred) or call Executive Director Carolee Griffin at 505-377-5309

     Next, companies are offered hole sponsorships on the greens the day of the tournament. 

·         A whole hole costs $350.00 and the sponsor can bring their own signage if they desire. 

·         One-half hole is $200.00 and signage is shared with another company.

·         One-third hole costs $150.00 and signage is shared with two other sponsors.

Hole in One Sponsor:  Your company can sponsor this contest for $400.00. This  includes your company name on the hole-in-one signage.  Golfers cost extra.

      Golfers themselves cost $125.00 per player Golf includes greens fees, your cart, and a buffet luncheon post-play.  Bring your own foursome and play in the Championship Tournament or just have fun in the Scramble Tournament where FMANM can help you find an advantageous pairing with other participants. 

     Finally, door prize donations wll make our event very special.  Golf-related gear, dinners for two, power tools, toys and company logo-ed goodies are needed.  In particular, sleeves of golf balls are always needed.  Whether you play or not, donations are needed, and no prize is too small or too big.

       More questions or wishing to be a tournament sponsor?  Email (preferred) or call Executive Director Carolee Griffin at 505-377-5309

Facility Manager Association of New Mexico

PO Box 66011 Albuquerque NM 87193-6011





Carolee Griffin

June 2011 Exec. Dir. Column

Our Golf Event Needs Your Support

The people who manage the day-to-day running of our buildings and the suppliers who critically support these functions weave a vital but mostly invisible thread in the fabric of society.  Where are the young people who will take over our jobs in the future coming from?  The Facility Manager Association of New Mexico believes that they are the students in the classes at Central New Mexico Community College, learning the processes that deal with all things mechanical, both in fact and in theory.  Especially now, cash is short, and  scholarship money becomes even more critical.
Please take a minute TODAY to sign up to support these students by participating in  the 2011 FMANM golf tournament and scholarship fundraiser.  Pledge to underwrite the event, field a team of players, purchase a hole or a part thereof, or by committing to the donation of a nice door prize to be given away after the event.
Sign up is easy.  Go to on the web and register your intentions immediately online.  Still can't find the time?  Then pick up the phone and call me at 505-377-5309—and I will do it for you!
I still need golf event helpers on the course on July 29th.  Call me and I will put you on this list.  Plan now!


The Case in Favor of Sustainable Landscapes

     Facility Manager Association of New Mexico members and guests gathered in May to hear important information on landscaping sustainability from industry expert and author Deborah Cole, who represented The Groundskeeper, The Grunds Keeper Logoa company which knows the challenges of the New Mexican environment. “Sustainability meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” she said in opening. “To insure the success of a sustainability program three primary factors must be considered.”
The factors are:

Environmental--a sustainable landscape requires proper selection of native and/or adapted plants.  This minimizes the use of water and fertilizers and chemicals.    Economic--the cost of maintaining the landscape must be balanced with many other costs including capital improvements, utilities, custodial, and scheduled maintenance costs.  Social--the landscape makes a significant impact and first impression on those who work and visit a building.  The landscape will set the tone for building occupants.  It can also encourage people to spend free time during the work day in the landscape.
Next, “Three phases of development of a sustainable landscape are design, construction, and maintenance,”  Cole said.

What about return on the investment?  “Like attorneys always say, ‘It depends. Maybe as little as 1.5 to 3 years.  And which is the better process: retrofit, or start from beginning?  Your professional groundskeeper knows that the cost of maintaining existing traditional landscaping is $.40 per squareDeborah Cole foot. Turf conversion is $2-$3 per square foot. New cost of maintenance is $.20 per square foot.  Therefore, you would recoup cost of conversion over 10-15 years.  If rebates available, use them!” she added.

What are the components of a sustainable landscape maintenance plan?  These include a scaled site plan, inventory of vegetation on site, assessment of personnel skill levels required to complete required tasks, a schedule of services for each task, an assessment of  soil type and requirements, an analysis of invasive plant species requirements, an analysis of organic materials needs and management, an irrigation materials and needs assessment, storm water management, snow and ice management, hardscape and structure management, recyclables and waste management, an equipment use and maintenance assessment, fertilizer management, and, last, an analysis of mulching and composting practices.

In closing, Cole summarized the keys to success for launching a sustainable site.  “You will need a commitment of resources, buy-in by ‘the powers that be’, a plan with feedback and deliverables where possible, a committed team including your site staff and contractor, a ‘champion’ who must believe in the plan, and a ‘town crier’, the source of good news, relevance and PR.”
Finally, resources include:

Free publication-IFMA Foundation Sustainability “How To” Guide/Sustainable
Landscaping-download from website
PLANET Crystal Ball Report #29 “Innovating Toward a Sustainable and Profitable Future”-available from PLANET (Professional Landcare Network)