Fire Protection 101:  Enforcement, Inspections,
Equipment,  and Maintenance for Life and Safety

     The January meeting of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico will feature information critical to facility maintenance managers and engineers, building owners, property managers, or anyone who is responsible for making decisions regarding life safety.
Western Fire Protection

Western States Fire Protection Company will provide an expert speaker who will educate the organization’s members on fire sprinklers, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire hood systems.  The focus of this information will be the basics of each of these fire protection systems, and their importance and role in maintaining a properly functioning building life safety system.

This presentation will also cover the National Fire Protection Association’s statutes 13, 72, 10, & 96, and will address standard inspection schedules and requirements. During this part of the presentation facility personnel will learn how to prepare for site visitation by local authorities and how to maintain the proper files for the occasional fire marshal or insurance company visit.

Additionally the presentation will detail the most important parts of each fire protection system and its required inspection, testing, and maintenance. These systems, if properly maintained and inspected, can become “the silent savior”.  Learn how to avoid fire sprinkler flooding, alarm panel malfunctions, false alarms, improperly charged fire extinguishers, and find out about over-spaced devices or systems that may not function when needed.

Reservations are required for this meeting at 7:15 am on January 18th, 2012, at the Garduno’s Uptown Restaurant.  Please reserve your place by emailing (preferred) or by calling 505-377-5309 to attend.  Cost is $30.00 for members and $35.00 for non-members.

FMANM 2012 Programs

January 18th, 2012: Fire Protection: The Basics and the Trends 

February 15th, 2012: Fire, Water, Smoke, Mold: Disaster Planning and Restoration

March 21st, 2012:  Flooring 101: New Products and Applications

April 18th, 2012:  Protect Your Facility: Security Doors and Windows

May 16th, 2012:  The Value Proposition of Proper Air Filtration

June 2012:  Isotopes Baseball

July 2012:  Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Tournament

August 15th, 2012:  How is the Economy Treating YOUR Business?

September 19th, 2012:  TBA

October 2012:  Annual Suppliers Showcase/FAB O&M Show

November 21st, 2012:  TBA

December 19th, 2012: TBA


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Happy Folks with High Hopes
Gather for Annual Holiday Party

     The December meeting of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico featured a scholarship endowment, charity clothing donations, delicious food, an ugly holiday sweater contest, and lots of door prizes.

Anna Sanchez from Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) accepted a check from FMANM to encourage students who are entering into the mechanical engineering support fields including the heating and air conditioning, electrical, and the plumbing trades.  This money goes to support the most deserving students who might not have a chance to finish their educations without it. Two CNM scholarship recipients attended the meeting with her.  Statistically, many facility managers come from the ranks of those who have studied in these trades and, after broadening their depth of knowledge, enter into the facility management and services fields.

Money for this endowment came primarily from proceeds gathered from the FMANM golf tournament which was held in July.

The ugly sweater contest pitted Jason Miller with Advantage Security against Kevin Givens from the Johnston Company.  In a tight contest, the audience voted, and Jason’s 1980’s shoulder pads trumped Kevin’s delicately pearl encrusted vest to make Jason the ultimate winner (or loser).

Next, the door prize drawings made the season even brighter.  The latest electronic gadgets, restaurant gift certificates, bottles of wine and more walked out the door with the party-goers.  Finally, donations of warm winter clothing from members were carted off from under the Christmas tree by VP Joseph Rodriguez for distribution to needy charitable organizations in our community.

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Hello and Happy New Year.
Gary Stevens

As this year draws to a close, we can all feel good about the many accomplishments and changes that we have successfully completed.

We realized some time ago that we had outgrown our charter and beginning in 2010 made the difficult decision to change our legal status to a more appropriate category. We are now a 501-C7 which makes us an official ‘Professional Association’ and allows us to improve the educational component of our presentations and provide better service to you, the membership.

This change also gives us a much better tax status and has other benefits that will serve us well in the future. We thank you all for your patience during this changeover.

This year saw growth in the Board of Director’s as we have added two positions and new Directors to fill them. We now have a Director of Membership and a Director of Marketing. These will help us to get the word out about the good work that we do and will hopefully help us to increase our membership.

Our endowment funds at UNM and CNM have continued to help students who are enrolled in technical courses and had an unprecedented 19% growth rate in 2011. These students will be the future employees for our members and we are very excited to be able to help in this way.

Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful and safe Holiday season.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2012 with many new programs and ideas.

Gary M Stevens
President, FMANM