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Aaron Ketner, LEED Green Associate, WELL AP
Intern Architect / Energy Specialist, Dekker/Perich/Sabatini

Aaron Ketner completed his Master of Architecture from the University of New Mexico in 2017. His work and research focuses on high performance building design with iterative and comparative analysis tools, smart urbanism and cities, smart building sensors, distributed renewable energy generation and social cohesion. As an Energy Specialist for Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, he leads the Building Performance Analysis Team in collaboration with the Design Technology Group and Team Green. He is also contributing to AIA 2030 efforts by analyzing and reporting D/P/S projects into the 2030 Design Data Exchange, which tracks energy use and provides insight towards achieving carbon-neutral buildings. Aaron regularly speaks at local and industry events. He recently presented at an Autodesk Impact Speaker event in San Francisco and Autodesk University in Las Vegas.

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Failing to consider prioritization of deferred maintenance projects in your facility is like waiting to have a heart attack before you get a gym membership.  This was the take-away for members and guests of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico from the April meeting as consummate facility manager (and architect) Selby Lucero with Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union spoke to the lively, interactive crowd.

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Speaker is Karen Van Citters, Principal of Van Citters Historic Preservation.  She has over 20 years of experience in the field of historic preservation.   Her goal is to make the preservation process as effortless as possible for her clients by working closely with them to ensure that their project needs are met with a professional product that is completed in an efficient and timely manner. Ms. Van Citters has guided numerous federal, state, and local government projects through the Section 106 process, and is thoroughly knowledgeable about historic preservation law, regulations, and standards. Ms. Van Citters uses this knowledge as well as her experience with construction contract documents to provide her facility managers with expert assistance to meet all their historic preservation needs. Click here for pdf Presentation

Internet of Things

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Facility managers and their suppliers and guests got an education in the dangers of electrical arc flash and a taste for what the future holds for them in terms of compliance at the May meeting of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico.

Presentation provided by Eaton Electric

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John Dufay, Albuquerque Public School’s Director of Maintenance and Operations, added his insight and appreciation for the work done by the PSFA as the meeting closed.   Public schools utilize over 100 million square feet of building space in New Mexico.  Albuquerque Public Schools alone is the 31 largest school district in the nation, serving over 87,000 students.  Click here for Presentation

New Mexico Environment Department P2 Internship Program
As a part of the NMED's non-regulatory technical assistance services, we collaborate with New Mexico universities to place top-level engineering students at businesses, utilities, and other local organizations. Interns conduct projects that focus on increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

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Jodi carries many other credentials: she was recently appointed to the position of Executive Officer for Women's Programs with the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (NMSSA), and is Vice President and one of six co-founders of The Women's Shooting Connection of New Mexico, a women's shooting organization dedicated to providing shooting and educational opportunities for women.  She is currently teaching a series of "Introduction to Shooting Classes" using a syllabus she designed based on the way she would like to have learned herself.  She has participated as one of twelve members of a focus group to review and recommend changes to the State of New Mexico's Concealed Carry Instructors' Rules and Regulations, and has assisted as one of seven members on a panel to assist the NRA in creating and directing shooting events to benefit various population segments of New Mexico. 

The Savvy Shooter Firearms Academy web site

Jodi Newton Bio

Outline for talk on 01-27-2016

Members and supporters of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico gathered in November to learn how to help their commercial facilities save energy and money, and how to advance their own professional standing in the facility management trade by taking advantage of reduced cost training to become a certified building operator.  Victoriano Ceballos, PNM's Building Tune-Up Engineer, led the information-packed discussion.

Need details?  The entire FMANM presentation is at WWW.PNMENERGYEFFICIENCY.COM.

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Jeff Platter should know.  He personally experienced an arc flash blast that would have killed him if not for the personal protective gear he was wearing.  “It changed my life,” he said, and then impressed the gathering of facility managers, engineers, electricians, and services suppliers at the March meeting of the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico with his first- hand knowledge of the critical importance of electrical safety programs.

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Attention Healthcare Facility Managers
Or Any FM who Needs Compliance Training:
Here is a Resource 

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Hazardous Waste Bureau conducts hazardous waste inspections at hospitals, pharmacies, as well as other types of facilities.  They offer their services to conduct free training concerning managing hazardous waste at hospitals and pharmacies.  Having recently conducted inspections at several hospitals, they have found the majority of them to be out of compliance.  Their aim to provide this training to large audiences spreads the information more quickly than individually inspecting each hospital/pharmacy.

But beyond healthcare, NMED believes they might be able to target some training for other diverse and various types of facilities.  Compliance assistance is a key component in their program and keeping facilities in compliance makes the job a lot easier. 

Need more information to start this discussion? Contact Janine Kraemer, CHMM, Hazardous Waste Supervisor for the New Mexico Environment Department, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 1,Santa Fe NM 87505 office  505-476-4372, or email to janine.kraemer@state.nm.us  or connect with Facility Manager Association’s vice president, Tom Plummer with the Indian Health Services at thomas.plummer@ihs.gov

Facility assessments and planning contained within a program called BUILDER.  The process starts with an inventory, which leads into conditional and functionality assessments.  From there, a condition prediction can be predicated, leading to work planning and work prioritization.  Accurate forecasting and actionable work planning lead to an engineering based investment plan, the ultimate outcome of the BUILDER processes. 


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Need CEUs? We Can Help!
Presentation. March 19, 2014

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Learned how to access a “gas marketer” through the New Mexico Gas Company Transportation System.

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Employee involvement key to helping businesses reduce energy costs, says Carbon Trust
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