Facility Managers Conference and Show
Friday, October 26th
At Sandia Resort and Casino

The only trade show in New Mexico specifically for facility managers, building engineers, and propertyowners and managers to visit motivated suppliers with access to the latest technologies and products to make running your building cost-effective and effortless.

11 am Presentation

Building Information Modeling | Tools & Processes
for New & Existing Buildings

2 pm Presentation

Be Smart | Be Green:
Green Building Design & Smart Buildings

Bruce Gunderson,  President of BIM Consulting for CSTi LLC.
Throughout his 20 year career in architecture and construction, Bruce has maintained a talent to apply new skills and technology to his work, driving industry standards and workflows. Bruce is an expert in BIM use, management, coordination, analysis and simulation. Bruce is a leader in educating the industry about BIM and its processes. Bruce is the founder of the 505 BIM User's Group and regularly speaks at local industry events and presents for local trade associations about BIM. Through the application of design principles, theory, philosophy and an in depth understanding of software and technology, Bruce creates highly developed solutions for each venture he in which he plays a part.

Aaron Ketner, LEED Green Associate, WELL AP
Intern Architect / Energy Specialist, Dekker/Perich/Sabatini
Aaron Ketner completed his Master of Architecture from the University of New Mexico in 2017. His work and research focuses on high performance building design with iterative and comparative analysis tools, smart urbanism and cities, smart building sensors, distributed renewable energy generation and social cohesion. As an Energy Specialist for Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, he leads the Building Performance Analysis Team in collaboration with the Design Technology Group and Team Green. He is also contributing to AIA 2030 efforts by analyzing and reporting D/P/S projects into the 2030 Design Data Exchange, which tracks energy use and provides insight towards achieving carbon-neutral buildings. Aaron regularly speaks at local and industry events. He recently presented at an Autodesk Impact Speaker event in San Francisco and Autodesk University in Las Vegas.

BIM (Building Information Model) is quickly becoming the new technology and process to capture architects and engineers design intent while also being the go to tool for contractors to coordinate and verify the construction of our buildings and infrastructure. Along with new technologies that capture our existing environment (Lidar scanning, UAV's and photogrammetry) and new technologies that display our virtual creations (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), BIM provides owners with new opportunities allowing them the most to gain during this new revolution. Bruce will present the opportunities owners and facility managers will gain from the digital asset of a BIM, how best to start asking for the Right" BIM and how to take advantage of new tools and processes applied to existing buildings.

Aaron will detail these topics:

  • The Future is Green
    • Why do we need higher performing buildings? Benefits?
    • What can we do about this need?
    • What is the impact of going green?
  • Smart Buildings & Internet of Things (IoT)
    • What does our future hold?
    •  Process of integrating smart building technologies into design
    • Define Smart Building
    • Sensors – What are we sensing and why?

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