2017 FAB O&M Show Exhibitor Registration Information

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Thank you for supporting the only annual event in New Mexico targeting decision makers in facility management, engineering, building ownership, and property management.  As the name implies, the Facility and Building Operations and Maintenance (FAB O&M) Show is the perfect place to meet new customers, and to entertain your valued associates. 

The 2017 FAB O&M Show is jointly sponsored by the Facility Manager Association of New Mexico (FMANM), and its healthcare committee, the New Mexico Society for Healthcare Engineering (NMSHE).

Exhibitor Cost:  Your cost for a 30” x 72” banquet table size display space is $500 ($600.00 for suppliers who are not members of FMANM or NMSHE) plus a $50.00 gift certificate. 110v electricity is available for FREE.  Other power requirements may incur costs. You may purchase more than one display space, you may erect a pop-up display, and the exhibit hall is open from 8 am until 6 pm the day of the event.

Registration and Payment:  Register and pay ONLINE at www.fmanm.com and follow the prompts: “Register Here for the FAB O&M Show” (preferred).  Or call Lori at 505-252-2707 with your credit card. YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED UNTIL YOUR PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.

Deadline: Suppliers MUST Sign up by Monday, October 2nd, 2017 to be guaranteed a table space.  The show is expected to sell out with only 50 spaces available!  Register early; don’t be left out.

Promotion: To ensure a successful show, YOU must invite YOUR customers to join you in an enjoyable afternoon of great information featuring motivated suppliers and great peer networking with other facility managers.  It is incumbent on you, as a supplier participant, to motivate your customers to attend. Email or print and distribute the attached FAB O&M Show flyer to everyone in your address book and everyone you call on.

Encourage your facility manager contacts to leave work early and come to relax at the show.  Everyone wants to come to enjoy the heavy appetizers, beverages, and light desserts which will be available to your guests at no cost throughout the entire event. A cash bar (which can process a credit card) is also set up, and drink tickets are available for purchase at $6.50 each.

Gift Card Requirement: You MUST bring a gift certificate valued at $50.00 (or more, if you wish) to be given away ONLY to card-carrying facility personnel during the course of the show. Please DO NOT bring door prize "items" or rebates for your company’s services but rather a gift certificate in an envelope with your business cards taped on it.  Only card-carrying facility personnel will win your gift certificate. Upon being awarded your gift certificate, they are encouraged to thank you personally for your donation. FMANM staffers and helpers will collect business cards from facility decision-makers at the entrance to the venue.

Feedback:  To enter the show, facility personnel MUST present a business card.  All facility manager cards collected will be scanned and emailed to all supplier exhibitors. Additionally, a feedback sheet will be circulated at the end of the show to ask you how we can improve for 2017.

Theme:  The event, scheduled for Friday afternoon, noon to 4 pm, on October 27th, 2017, will feature a Halloween theme. Get noticed! Dress in costume and hand out candy. Trick (-or-Treat) out your space. Make it fun and memorable for everyone. 

Building and Show Location: The event this year is at The Hyatt Regency Hotel Albuquerque at 330 Tijeras NW in Albuquerque, NM 87102, USA, 505-843-2664.  The room we will occupy is  Ballrooms A-B-C which is located on the southwest side of the building. You will have access to the hall from 8 am on the day of the event (Friday, October 27th, 2017) until 6 pm. Plan to set up your display before 11 am and be ready for "show time" at high noon. Plan now to respect the Show and the other suppliers by honoring the 11 am set-up deadline and not tearing down until after 4 pm.

Loading: Easy curbside unloading/loading is available at this venue.  Simply pull up to the loading dock located on Copper Street between 3rd and 4th Streets. Look for the FMANM FAB O&M signs.  After unloading your display, you must move your vehicle to the free public parking garage provided at the hotel so others may unload.  Obtain a parking pass from the FMA staff for free parking.   Small load? Use Valet Parking for $8.00 after you move your gear.

Booth Space/Table Assignment: Please see attached floor plan if you wish to choose your own booth. Assignments will be made on first-come, first-served basis.  The Hotel will not allow banners and signs to be hung on walls; plan to use an easily portable, professional- looking pop-up display or find another way to mount signage, as on a self-contained stand. Each space will have a 30” x 72” banquet table and two chairs set up in the space. A place card with your company's name on it will designate your space upon your arrival.  If you are bringing a "pop-up" display, staff is available to help move the table and chairs out of your way.  FMANM will strive to honor space assignment requests but cannot guarantee exact placement. Please plan to be flexible.

Out of Town Attendees:  Folks coming to the show from out of town?  Special rates are available at The Hyatt Regency.  Call the registration number at 505-843-2664 and mention you would like the Fab Show rate.

Booth Staffing:  Please limit the number of staff manning your booth to two people. If you would like to have additional people from your company attend, the cost per person is $50.00 each.  No name badges will be officially provided; please plan to provide your own.  However, FMANM staff members will provide your staffers with official lanyards.  This is your admission to the room.

Electricity: If you require power to your booth, 110v is FREE.  Please contact Carolee if you have other requirements. 

Questions?  Email carolee@fmanm.com (preferred) or call 505-377-5309.  Thank you for being part of the 2017 FAB O&M Show!